If it’s a good idea, it deserves to be shared. That’s why we’ve launched ‘Poets React’.

So many good poems responding with passion to the news or current affairs go astray for lack of a good home because, for one thing, print periodicals can’t keep pace with them. Others are fired out into the lucky dip world of Facebook or Twitter where they enjoy only a very limited audience among ‘friends’, or are strangled at birth by their creators who see no publishing outlet for them.

This needn’t be the case. There’s an admirable tradition of agenda-setting poems and poets seizing the reins of public debate, but in recent years they’ve been sidelined from many rapid-reaction forums – newspapers and current affairs magazines.

That’s where Poets React comes in. We want your poems, inspired by the week’s events, to publish on our website, Twitter and Facebook. All published poems will be archived.

Please be advised our standards are exacting and submissions must adhere to the guidelines (or they may be deleted): send no more than two poems in a single word document attachment; the body of your email should include contact details, a third-person biography of no more than 25 words, and an explanation of the context or background to your poem(s) in no more than 50 words.

Please don’t send submissions to our primary email address; send poems headed ‘Poets React’ to poetsreact2020@hotmail.com