What’s that racket from the street below?

Neil Young, co-founder of The Poets’ Republic, introduces Issue 5 Let’s hear it for Roger McGough – a sure contender for the title of World’s Greatest Living Scouser (despite that OBE ). Two years ago, when judge of the Bridport Prize, he took a potshot at poets’ lack of political engagement. Given that, even then, the circumstances in this Disunited … Read More

Give the Republic a Fighting Fiver

Could there be a worse time to invite people to part with a few quid for the sake of a poetry magazine? We’re hardly talking donations to Medicines San Frontieres here, or any of the other causes with priority demands on our austerity-era purse-strings. Naw, this is an appeal for cash from a wee poetry forum based in a wee … Read More

What we’re about – and why 

Someone had to do it. The Poets’ Republic was founded by myself, Neil Young, a journalist and poet, and Duncan Lockerbie, the Tapsalteerie publisher, in Aberdeenshire in summer 2014, to promote what I would describe as ‘public-spirited’ poetry. We went live with a website, Facebook presence and magazine launch of Issue 1 in April 2015. Issue 2 was published last … Read More

New guest editor

We’re delighted to announce that Helena Nelson, founder-editor of Happenstance Press, will be joining the tight-knit editorial team for Issue 4 of the magazine as our guest editor. Helena brings a wealth of experience, insight and good judgement to the selection process,  and is sure to stamp her own character on the new edition. We’ll be accepted submissions for Issue … Read More

Opening Shots

We’re delighted to announce ‘Opening Shots‘, our first event since launching the magazine. It’s a good ‘un too, featuring readings from three quality poets, a poetry open mic and, in honour of Stonehaven’s culinary triumph over pasty-faced officialdom, a competition for the best ‘Ode to a Deep-Fried Mars Bar’. It’s free to get in, there’ll be free wine on arrival, and … Read More

First building block of the republic

The new website is done! Stage one in establishing the republic: build a half-decent website. Thankfully that task is now basically complete. No doubt there will be some teething problems, seeing as techy stuff can be relied upon to not always go to plan, but overall we’re happy. This really is just stage one. In the future we’ll be looking … Read More