Send us your poems. Sorry, please send us your poems.

The Poets’ Republic is inviting submissions until the end of June, 2017, for publication in Issue 5 in August.

We want irreverent, witty, contrary poems, public-spirited and political poems, or poems that jolt us from our slumbers.

We’re looking for poems that will melt our flinty northern hearts, quicken our pulses, beguile us, agitate us; poems that are so acutely observed they make us look anew at the world – be it wee or wide.

Cuiribh thugainn ur dàin. Duilich, cuiribh thugainn ur dàin, le ur toil.

Tha sinn a’ sireadh dhàin eirmseach, far-riata, poilitigeach far a bheil am mòr-shluaigh aig an fhìor chridhe, no dàin a chuireas sinn à cochall ar cridhean fhèin.

Cuiridh sinn fàilte air bàrdachd a chuireas sunnd ar-a-mach annainn.

Tha sinn a’ sireadh dhàin a bhriosgas buillean ar cridhean cho mòr gun leagh iad deigh nan cridhean reòthte tuathach sin; dàin a tha tàlach buaireach; dàin a tha cho fìnealta nan lèirsinn gun toir iad oirnn ar saoghal a sgrùdadh as ùr – he ‘s bith cho mòr no beag a tha e.

Submission guidelines

  • Please submit up to three poems (a fourth will not be considered), previously unpublished, in Times New Roman (or similar standard font – nothing fancy), 11pt, no spacing. Each poem should be no more than 50 lines. Submissions should be sent in a single word.doc document, not as pdfs or in other formats.
  • You should include your address and a short (25-30 word) biography, written in the third person, in the body of your e-mail – which may also include a link to a personal website.
  • We are pleased to accept poems written in Scots, Gaelic and English.
  • Please email Gaelic poetry to:
  • Please email Scots and English poetry to: 
  • We won’t feature the same poets in successive issues, so if you’ve already had your work published by us please wait out at least one issue before submitting again.

And thanks – we look forward to reading your poetry.

Mòran taing – nì sinn fiughair ur cuid bàrdachd a leughadh.

SUBMISSIONS WINDOW: May-June 30th, 2017.

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