Give the Republic a Fighting Fiver

Could there be a worse time to invite people to part with a few quid for the sake of a poetry magazine? We’re hardly talking donations to Medicines San Frontieres here, or any of the other causes with priority demands on our austerity-era purse-strings.
Naw, this is an appeal for cash from a wee poetry forum based in a wee corner of Scotland, as we like to do things differently here at the Republic.
That was part of our founding ethos – to promote an alternative to a staid status quo that clogs the arteries of contemporary poetry – and it continues to inform what we do. Hence, as we look ahead to our Issue 6 launch at the Edinburgh Fringe in August, we’re also inviting readers, poets and sympathetic fellow travellers to make a one-off payment of £5 (or equivalent currency) to help us build the Republic. You could give more, if you wish – and may your heart be filled with birdsong if you do – but we’ll love you right back no matter what you donate. You’ll be helping us to promote the most incisive public-spirited poetry being written today. Any cash we receive will help us stage and host more public readings, extend the range of our publications, distribute the magazine to further far-flung corners, and to reach new audiences.
We believe that poetry belongs at the vanguard of contemporary culture and should be written, read and spoken of in such terms. It seems strange even to re-state that. But given the casual neglect of poetry in public discourse, it’s also necessary. No other art form crystallises the breadth of human experience or can articulate what it means to inhabit our times the way that poetry can do. And here at the Republic we like to be upfront about that.
None of us, we hasten to add, takes a penny for our endeavours, and the magazine receives no public subsidies. We rely on income generated from sales, readings or related activities to stay afloat and cover production costs. If you like that and what we do, please see the link on website at to donate to the Fighting Fiver Fund.  Up the Republic!

– The Editors