First building block of the republic

The new website is done!

Stage one in establishing the republic: build a half-decent website. Thankfully that task is now basically complete. No doubt there will be some teething problems, seeing as techy stuff can be relied upon to not always go to plan, but overall we’re happy.

This really is just stage one. In the future we’ll be looking to develop this site much more, hopefully providing an online space for poetry that doesn’t make the printed zine, as well as space for small press poetry reviews. In the meantime though we’re just pleased to sort a way of ordering the magazine, which will be out REALLY soon.

Now that stage one has been completed, and we have a basic routine for how to process submissions and get them into a printed format, we’ll be able to concentrate more on the other side of the Poets’ Republic – public readings and events. All collaborations are welcome on this, so if you have ideas and want to get involved then just get in touch. Our inbox is always open to suggestions. Plans for the Aberdeen launch party are coming along nicely too. And don’t fear – loyal citizens of the republic will be kept well informed about it all.